About Sabine Bourgeois

Sabine Bourgeois

  • Freelance conference interpreter since 1991 (Dutch – French – German – English)
  • Manager at Idem Dito Language Solutions since 1994
  • Visiting professor at the sub-faculty of Applied Linguistics (in Antwerp) of the Catholic University Leuven, at the Master’s course in Interpreting and the postgraduate course in Conference Interpreting since 1999


Sabine Bourgeois


‘The world is becoming more and more village-like. Countless international business contacts, as well as the worldwide web, are striking examples of this.

The importance of international communication is increasing exponentially. In Flanders, most people speak quite a bit of English or French—and that's nice because it helps them communicate across borders.

But how to bridge the language gap during important multilingual negotiations, technical business meetings, company visits, education, seminars and conferences with foreign-language speakers, participants and conversational partners? In some situations, every subtlety counts and you cannot afford any misunderstandings.

So when you are talking to foreign-language partners—when speaking ‘plain language’ really matters—it is wise to allow everyone to speak their own native language and have experienced interpreters provide a reliable translation. At least you will be sure that you will not lose any time or information due to language barriers. Everything is interpreted ‘in real time’, both discreetly and reliably.

If you want your communication to truly cross borders, simultaneous interpreting is the preferred choice: a very efficient solution providing a customer-friendly and comfortable experience.

Place your trust in someone who has turned her passion into her profession.’

Sabine Bourgeois