All-in-one solutions


Language and technology in one

Do you organise meetings or conferences for a multilingual audience? Then you might want to consider a custom-made all-in-one solution. This is the way to involve all participants in the best and most comfortable manner—linguistically speaking.

Set your mind at ease and have our team of professional conference interpreters  cater for your translation needs.

Breaking down language barriers

Through Idem Dito Language Solutions, you will have access to an extended network of enthusiastic simultaneous interpreters. They break down all language barriers during your high-profile negotiations, multilingual works councils, business visits, education, conferences and seminars, facilitating foreign-language speakers, conversation partners and participants.

State-of-the-art interpreting equipment

During the event, we also provide interpreting equipment that complies with the strictest international standards and high-quality technical assistance.

Choose Idem Dito’s professional, all-in-one approach: simultaneous translation is our profession!

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