Covic-secure multilingual meetings? We organise it for you.


A lot of congresses, meetings, training courses and other meetings are taking place digitally these days, in the form of online meetings and webinars. In addition, there are now also the so-called ‘hybrid’ events, which are organised partly on-site and partly online. Not to mention the ‘huddle rooms’ that herald a whole new way of meeting.

Good news! There is also a digital solution for your multilingual online events; Remote Simultaneous Interpreting.


Of course, we still offer simultaneous translation during face-to-face meetings, but now with the necessary extra attention to social distancing. Both in settings with interpreting booths and with a whisper set, we ensure that the presence and contribution of our interpreters can be organised in a safe manner at all times.

Take care!

Sabine Bourgeois
Sabine Bourgeois
Manager at Idem Dito