Digital solutions

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

Would you like to offer simultaneous interpretation during an online event in a user-friendly and professional way? We can help! Idem Dito Language Solutions ensures that foreign language speakers can stay on board at online event, breaking down language barriers as we always do.

More specifically, you can come to us for simultaneous translation at online meetings and webinars, wether for small advisory committees or large groups. We also provide ‘live’ interpreting from and into a wide range of languages.

After all, we place our experienced simultaneous interpreters in virtual interpreting booths. so can you meet in a virtual meeting room and use the services of your trusted interpreters.

Depending on the setting for your event, we will design a solution so you won’t have to compromise on comfort, efficiency or quality.

First see and then believe? Do not hesitate to contact us for further information and a free quote, no strings attached.

Our solutions

RSI platforms

With cloud-based platforms specially developed for multilingual meetings such as Interactio, Kudo, Voiceboxer, Interprefy, QuaQua and others, all the participants sit in a real virtual meeting room with its own interpreting booths, where you can listen to your trusted interpreters.

Side-by-Side solutions

If you prefer to run an online event using your tried-and-tested meeting environment, such as MS Teams, Webex or Skype for Business, but still want to provide simultaneous interpretation for non-native speakers or participants, we also offer a user-friendly solution in the form of a side-by-side interpreting platform, so participants can listen to the interpreters while participating in your meeting in the usual way.

Simultaneous interpretation in ZOOM

Would you like simultaneous translation during a meeting or webinar in ZOOM? Great! ZOOM has an extremely user-friendly function allowing for interpreters in virtual interpreting booths. With a click of the mouse, participants can tune in to the language of their choice.

Whatever the circumstances, you can always count on ‘live’ simultaneous interpretation by qualified, professional conference interpreters with years of experience.