Interpreting equipment

Professional interpreting booths

You have come to the right place for the appropriate interpreting equipment, that complies with the strictest international standards and for high-quality technical assistance during your event.

Many meeting rooms are equipped with inbuilt, soundproof interpreting booths. If yours doesn’t, we also work in mobile interpreting booths that are quick to assemble and meet the standards too.

How does it work?

The average interpreting booth has room for two interpreters working alternately. Does the source language have to be translated into more than two target languages? In that case we use several booths.

The interpreters listen to the meeting through their interpreting system. As professional conference interpreters they translate what is said into the required target language simultaneously. The audience listens to the interpretation through a wireless receiver in their headphones.

Our technicians install the professional booths in the right place and supply the required number of headphones. They provide technical assistance where needed and may also arrange for sound amplification at your meetings.

Whisper set

For small, informal meetings (e.g. individual coaching or performance reviews) and guided tours, portable whisper sets are the ideal solution, keeping disruption and discomfort to a minimum.

How does it work?

The interpreter is in the same room as the audience, simultaneously translating the speaker’s words in a whisper. The interpreter’s wireless microphone transmits the translation to the listeners’ headphones.

Online interpreting platforms

Interested in online simultaneous translation? We organise it for you. We will suggest the most appropriate solution based on your needs and your venue.

How does it work?

Our solutions are cloud-based interpreting platforms that give you the experience of a virtual meeting room with integrated interpreting booths. You will hear the conference interpreters ‘live’ at work during your event; always with an eye for quality and efficiency, as you would expect from us.

One of the digital tools for online simultaneous interpretation is cAPPisco, our own video-based interpreting platform that comes with a listening app. This very user-friendly application allows you to offer ‘live’ simultaneous interpretation during online, on-site and hybrid meetings and events on the platform of your choice.