On social networks and even on all kinds of websites, video is omnipresent. And indeed, a picture is often worth a thousand words.
We can supply professional subtitling – transcribing or translating the original language – for your product presentations, company films, training courses and user manuals.

You might also want to consider adding subtitles to an earlier live webcast of webinar. Once again, these could be in the original language of another language of your choice. Apparently, more than half of webinar participants replay the broadcast.

In the original language

Advantage of subtitling in the original language is that people can watch without sound and that the broadcast also becomes accessible to viewers with a hearing problem.

In another language

Advantage of subtitling in another language is that viewers who do not have a good command of the original language can still follow the content via the subtitles. For example, many Belgian companies choose to broadcast in Dutch and subtitle in French or vice versa. And just think how much bigger a target group can become thanks to subtitling in English.