Who we are

The story of Idem Dito is my story. I am an enthusiastic freelance conference interpreter who enjoys business and organisation. Together with an extensive network of experienced colleagues with a hugh diversity specialisations and language combinations, I stand for professionalism, top quality and a customer-friendly approach. The smile comes for free!

Sabine Bourgeois

"Every nuance is important"

“The world is becoming more and more like a village. 

Countless international business contacts,
as well as the worldwide web, testify to this.

The importance of international communication is increasing exponentially.
But how can you bridge the language gap at your important multilingual negotiations, technical business meetings, company visits, education, seminars and conferences with foreign-language speakers, participants and negotiating partners? 

In some situations, every subtlety counts
and you cannot afford any misunderstandings.

When ‘plain speaking’ really matters it is wise to allow everyone to speak their own language and have experienced interpreters provide a reliable translation.
At least you will be sure not to waste precious time or miss vital information
due to language barriers.
Everything is interpreted ‘in real time’, discreetly and reliably

If you really want your communicate across borders, simultaneous interpreting is the way to go:
a highly efficient customer-friendly solution,
for your comfort and convenience.

Place your trust in someone who has turned her passion into her profession.”

Sabine Bourgeois